A Legend in His Own Mind

The only living boy in New Hampshire has got nothing to do today but smile. And talk crap:

Republican presidential hopeful John McCain joked Friday that given his campaign's ups and downs, he's shown the stamina of the last man on Earth.

"I've been declared dead in this campaign on five or six occasions. I won't refer to a recent movie I saw, but I think I am legend," he told reporters, referring to the film in which Will Smith stars as the last man on Earth.
Smoove, McCain. Once again, you have illustrated that you are, if nothing else, the master of subtlety. "I won't refer to my favorite urban sitcom of the 1990s, but I am the Fresh Prince of Pennsylvania Avenue!"

"Somehow we've had a Lazarus-like experience," McCain told supporters at his campaign headquarters. "I think it's because I've been telling the truth. I've been telling people the truth whether I thought that's what they wanted or not."
Actually, the old man was closer with his Legend reference—because the only thing of any conceivable value he's done during the campaign is not be a cross-dressing philanderer, a lying dog-torturer in magic underpants, a virulently misogynist theocrat, or a dimestore Reagan disappointment. He's not the last man standing; just the least objectionable one.

Which technically makes him more Bachelorette contestant than Legendary, but I'll leave him to his fever-dreams.

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