Is our Forbes reporters learning? may be the "home page for the world's business leaders," but let's hope those leaders don't take the magazine's advice on raising children. A slideshow accompanying the commentary "Where to Educate Your Children" lists St. Louis as the 9th best place in the country - out of 20 - to have your kids schooled:

No. 9: St. Louis, Mo.

Public School Support: A

Private School Options: A+

Library Popularity: C+

College Town: B+

College Options: A+

The St. Louis Arch isn't the only draw to the Gateway of the West--another, it seems, is its excellent education system. More than half a million K-12 students populate the city's 158 school districts, 16% of which choose to attend private schools.

That sound you hear is the citizenry of Gatewayville laughing aloud...or perhaps sobbing. They know what Forbes doesn't:

That there is only one public school district in St. Louis - called, oddly enough, the St. Louis Public School District

That these other school districts are scattered about the 91 surrounding municipalities in the St. Louis metro area

That the St. Louis Public School District is in such disarray that it was stripped of its accreditation by the state in March, with authority over the district being handed over to a transitional board

Apart from all that, the Forbes piece gets an A-freakin'-plus.

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