GOP presidential candidate Tom Tancredo reminds us what this election should really be about: Xenophobic scapegoating and exploiting Teh Fear of teh Brown Peoplez.

Tancredo: Hi, I'm Tom Tancredo, and I approve this message, because someone needs to say it.

VO: Mothers killed. Children executed. The tactics of vicious Central American gangs now on US soil. Pushing Drugs. Raping Kids. Destroying Lives. Thanks to gutless politicians, who refuse to defend our borders. One man dares say what must be done. Secure the borders. Deport those who don't belong. Make sure they never come back.
Oy. Dave Neiwert has the lowdown on why this a load of poppycock in practical terms (e.g. deporting members of drugs gangs is "how authorities have been handling these gangs. And, well, it hasn't exactly had the best results")—to which I've got nothing to add, except making the obvious point that the vast majority of rapes and murders committed against women and children in America is done by American citizens.

Which doesn't mean I think we shouldn't care about illegal immigrants who commit such crimes; it just means I think we shouldn't pretend they're the only ones who do.

Chalk it up to my usual aversion to disingenuous horseshit.

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