Alien. Dog. Box. Music.

It's no mystery that Bush has some issues with the act of diplomacy. This petulant behavior of refusing to meet other leaders that he has a problem with reminds me of a child not wanting to come out of his room when company comes over.

With North Korea, the best he has been able to come up with is a simple letter with some priceless doodling. Yea, sure. That will get Kim Jong Ill running to the table with reckless abandon.

Well, it looks like some other people have taken the opportunity to do Bush's work for him: The New York Philharmonic.
New York's Philharmonic Orchestra will make a historic trip to North Korea in February, it has announced.

Orchestra president Zarin Mehtat said it would play in the capital Pyongyang on 26 February.

The reclusive communist country's ministry of culture sent an invitation to the orchestra in August.

This is the first US cultural visit to North Korea, and it is being seen as a breakthrough in the countries' tense relationship.
Bush is doing such a great job on the North Korean front that they have chosen to deal directly with the NY Philharmonic instead of him. Can't say I blame them. I would much rather listen to beautifully performed classical music than the discordant cacophonous spewing of lies and bullshit that come from Bush and his administration.

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