Xenophobe: Warrior Princess and the Perpetual Outrage Brigade are apoplectic this morning, because some of the questioners during last night's debate are Democrats—which, naturally, makes them PLANTS!!! of the liberal media.

[Insert your own rhetorical about standing up to terrorists if you can't stand up to Democratic voters here.]

This was supposed to be a debate where the Republican candidates got asked questions by average people—not necessarily Republican average people. And just because a question exposes a profound ideological hypocrisy—e.g. "What punishment would you give to women who get abortions if abortion is criminalized?" or "Why don't you support gays serving in the military?" (despite all the support-the-troops rhetoric)—doesn't mean the question isn't fair.

What's hilariously disingenuous about their outrage is that there are plenty of conservative voters who want answers to those questions. They have to ignore the reality of the GOP base in order to be pissed off about these questions—which is why they're hiding behind indignation about the questioners instead.

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