Weblog Awards

The 2007 Weblog Awards finalists have been announced and Shakesville is among the finalists for Best Liberal Blog. (I didn't even know nominations were open, so this was quite a surprise!)

The other nominees in our category are: Hullabaloo, Think Progress, Pandagon, skippy the bush kangaroo, Orcinus, Firedoglake, Newshoggers, Kiko's House, Glenn Greenwald's Unclaimed Territory, Talking Points Memo, and Feministing.

It's always going to be a weird list, because there are way more blogs that deserve to be there than there are finalist slots. Even if you like all the nominees, there's always going to be a "Where's Eschaton? Where's The Carpetbagger Report? Where's Crooks & Liars?" thing happening. (Though your "where" list may vary.)

Anyway, many congratulations to contributor Jon Swift, who was nominated for Funniest Blog. Funny? What do they mean funny? Are you trying to tell me that he isn't a reasonable conservative who gets all his news from Fox News, Rush Limbaugh and Jay Leno monologues? I don't believe it.

And more congratulations to my bloggrrl Pam, who was nominated for Best LGBT Blog, along with some of our other favies: Republic of T, Joe My God, Susie Bright, The Bilerico Project, Keith Boykin, Fetch me my axe, and Mombian.

Check out the whole list here. Voting begins tonight.

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