Scenes from the Class Struggle on Capitol Hill

Bush Vetoes Major Domestic Spending Measure:

President Bush on Tuesday vetoed a major spending measure that would have funded education, health care and job training programs, saying it contained money for too many of the special projects known as earmarks. But he signed a $459 billion bill to increase the Pentagon’s nonwar funding.

The veto, on a measure providing $150.7 billion in discretionary spending for the Departments of Education, Labor, and Health and Human Services, was announced as Bush was en route to Indiana to deliver an economics speech in which chastised Congress for "wasteful spending" and describe it as acting "like a teenager with a new credit card."
He is totally, totally shameless.

Pelosi admonished him that he's going to have to meet them halfway if they're going to find "common ground."

Not that anyone is struggling to find a reason for why I'm not Speaker of House when they are myriad and evident, but here's one nonetheless: If it were me, I'd have said: "The president can go fuck himself. It's patently absurd that he's increasing nonwar defense spending by half a trillion dollars and complaining that there's no money for education, labor, and health programs. He doesn't seem to give a flying fart if there's a country worth defending."

Good fucking god, I loathe him.

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