Question of the Day

Who will play you in Shakesville: The Movie?

Looks-wise, the obvious choice is Dawn French, to whom I am nearly identical in height and weight, and probably not dissimilar in temperament. She's 17 years older than I, but I won't complain if she won't.

My friend, J, with whom I most often play the "cast your life" game, swears that he wouldn't cast anyone as me except Debra Winger, but would accept Bonnie Hunt as a back-up. I look like neither of them, but I get what he's going for; the spirit makes sense. Mr. Shakes would, very specifically, cast Natalie Portman's character from the film Garden State as me, ha.

Mr. Shakes would be played by Colin Firth, without question. They don't look much alike, aside from both being tall and broad-shouldered with curly hair, but the whole "aloof and vaguely impenetrable veneer masking the shy, awkward doofus with a heartbreaking romantic streak" makes the comparison inescapable.

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