Mind Your Own Biscuits

Aunt B's written a great post about day laborers who loiter outside a Jack in the Box being targeted by an undercover police sting to expose undocumented workers, an operation which the officers justify by saying:

Would you want your wife or daughter to walk through this gauntlet of a dozen or more men to get a breakfast biscuit?
I'm not going to get into all the various aggravating connotations of that rhetorical, because Aunt B covers all that nicely, particularly how the police are policing gender norms. I just want to note that none of the day laborers have been accused of, arrested for, or convicted of assaulting a women while she was trying to get into the Jack in the Box—which means that "the men in blue" posing as contractors and running the sting are presuming these male day laborers to be sexual predators just because they're men. (Also because they're swarthy men, but the emphasis here is on the "men" part.)

Just another example of how its the people enforcing male privilege who inevitably have the dimmest view of men.

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