Holy Breakfast!

A woman in Florida has sold (for $338!) a pancake that she claims features an image of Jesus and Mary, which her daughter interprets as "a message from God telling the world to clean up its act." (Via.)

I dunno if I see Jesus and Mary telling the world to clean up its act in that pancake. I'm pretty sure I see The Captain and Tennille telling the world that muskrat love on a shoestring will keep us together.

Holy folks Gone Wild: Weeping and bleeding and appearing in fire and on baking sheets, pizza pans, doggy doors, ice, peanuts, x-rays, turtles, ultrasounds, chocolate, dying plants, sheet metal, trees, more trees, more trees, more trees, more trees, more trees, wardrobes, water stains, plates of pasta, drywall, fish, grilled cheese sandwiches, and potato chips.

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