Get thee behind me…uh, bounty hunter person!

Okay, so I’ve already gone off on the whole Dog the Bounty Hunter thing and just about everything that can be said has been said.

But news that Reverend Sharpton is open to meeting with Dog The Forgiveness Hunter gave a bitch pause.

What exactly happens at these meetings? Is it a Black People Pitch where Rev. Al makes the case for why black is beautiful?

Will Rev. Al lay hands upon Dog the Bounty Hunter and attempt to cast out the demon bigot that may inhabit his perpetually sun burnt body?

Will snake dancing be involved?


Or will this meeting be yet another let me tell you why I think you’re wrong between limited commercial interruptions media spectacular that does nothing to address Dog the Bounty Hunter, his comments or his continued presence on A&E television?


Fuck it, this bitch is craving a snake dancing casting out of bigot demons combo meal…

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