Edwards Unveils Veterans' Plan

Good stuff:

Presidential contender John Edwards is introducing a $400 million plan Monday to help veterans with post-traumatic stress disorder, including those recently returned from combat in Iraq and Afghanistan.

..."I strongly believe we must restore the sacred contract we have with our veterans and their families, and that we must begin by reforming our system for treating PTSD. We also must act to remove the stigma from this disorder," Edwards said in prepared remarks his campaign provided to The Associated Press. "Warriors should never be ashamed to deal with the personal consequences of war."

Edwards said that despite his opposition to how the war has been waged, the enlisted men and women deserve the nation's support when they complete their service.

"We must stand by those who stand by us. When our service men and women sacrifice so much to defend our freedom and secure peace around the world, we have a moral obligation to take care of them and their families," he said.
Veterans returning home with PTSD has increased by nearly 70% in the last year alone, which the Defense Department determined in a study earlier this year is attributable to "inadequate time stateside" between tours (which have been extended to 15 months). Edwards' plan also calls for longer rehabilitative breaks betweens tours.

This should be a bipartisan no-brainer. Frankly, the only objection I can even imagine from conservatives is the cost, which I'd just love to hear someone be galling enough to say, given the amount of money spent on the war that made our soldiers veterans in the first place.

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