Don't Tase Me, Bro!

I'm too lazy to write a post about this shitastic story about a pregnant woman getting tased, so here's an IM conversation Space Cowboy and I just had:

[16:40] sc: and I guess you heard about the pregnant woman in Ohio
[16:41] shakes: no
[16:41] sc:
[16:43] shakes: omg, the police are out of control with the tasers.
[16:43] sc: not only are they out of control, but with each case they're showing how inept they truly are
[16:44] shakes: totally. and every time i read about one of them now, i think to myself, "summer of the shark!"
[16:44] shakes: remember, 2001, before "9/11," when the media was going haywire because there had been like 6 shark bites in THE ENTIRE WORLD, so every fucking cable station was running constant stories about sharks, and calling it the summer of the shark!
[16:45] sc: oh yea
[16:45] shakes: and for some reason, all these stories about tasers are reminding me of that, except that they amount to a REAL NEWS STORY, but the media isn't going on about TEH AUTUMN OF TEH TASER!!!!!11!!!eleventy-one!!!!!!11!!!
[16:46] sc: state sponsored torture is an acceptable reality, while shark bites is a national terror that must be dealt with (and would make a great movie)
[16:47] shakes: lol sob

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