Bush: Against Representative Democracy

Another brilliant codpiece quote from his speech today at the Heritage Foundation:
When it comes to funding our troops, some in Washington should spend more time responding to the warnings of terrorists like Osama bin Laden and the requests of our commanders on the ground, and less time responding to the demands of MoveOn.org bloggers and Code Pink protesters.
There's nothing more pathetic than Bush trying to be topical and hip by using the word "bloggers." Well, actually I can think of a couple of things.

For starters, there's the attitude of democracy only taking place at the ballot box. Purple fingers can only be wielded at election time, after which people need to STFU. Sorry, George, but it doesn't work that way. Since you know about blogging and teh Google, then you won't be at all intimidated when I tell you to look up representative democracy on Wikipedia. What's that? No, not pedophilia. Wikipedia. It's like an encyclopedia on... never mind. Just have your fucking staff look it up. I think you'll be surprised to see that in our kind of democracy, folks are elected to represent their constituents. At election time comes the electing, after which comes the representing. Get it yet? No? Alright well let's try the next item then.

"...responding to the warnings of terrorists like Osama bin Laden" You've got to be shitting me right here. Seriously. Is it Bush or his speech-writer that's dumber than a bag of hammers? Bush is going to stand on that podium and lecture ME about responding to warnings of the one guy that he has still been unable to catch for six years?

Stop it right now.


That's some real brave and tough talk from someone who, as early as 2002, stated that he "was not that concerned about [Bin Laden]." And yet, look at all of the people who applaud this statement as if it's a vindication of some sort. The pathetic asshats that are still left around sacrificing their first born in support of Bush who don't get how stupid he sounds. Why in the world would he be willing to lecture people while highlighting his biggest failure ever since this dumbass war began? Call me a drugged optimist, but there has GOT to be at least one person on the other side of the aisle who is shaking his/her head in embarrassment over Bush's insistence on bringing up Bin Laden's name and trying to keep this thing going until he's out of office. Anyone? Bueller?

I guess I can't blame him for trying. After all, even Bush knows that he's a useless turd for the next year, and the most he can do is try to keep everyone's attention on him for at least a few more months, before everyone starts pushing him out of the way. And then when January 20, 2009 rolls around, the only memory left of Bush for us to dine on will be all the work we have to do to clean up his fucking mess.

Can't wait.

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