Because Melissa Never Told Me I Shouldn't Do This, I Will . . .

I don't know about you, but Shakesville is a site that has kept me alive and kicking for a very long time.

I read it every day, and through posts and comments here, I've expanded my understanding, laughed, cried, and made connection with people that I might never have known otherwise.

There are lots of people who contribute here, but I also recognize that Melissa keeps it going, and takes a lot of shit in the process.

So, I'm sending her at least a fin, tonight.

I hope you'll join me. C'mon -- if you relish her every day -- do more than give her a "blog award" -- send her some money -- even if it's only a coupla bucks.

She's modest, and I might get my ass kicked for posting this (I'm ready to take that chance) -- but visit the "Donate" link over on the right and show the gurrrl sum monetary appreciation:

That is all. Portly Dyke.

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