Another PortlyDyke Simple Solution

Modern life is complicated -- and getting more complicated by the day -- but never fear -- Portly Dyke is here to help!

Today's tip is for the gals. Pandagon informs us that we could accidentally become murderers if a certain constitutional amendment passes in Colorado -- just by "ridin' the cotton pony"/"gettin' a visit from Aunt Flo"/"falling to the communists"/"takin' Carrie to the prom"/"holdin' Arts and Crafts Week at Panty Camp".

That's right -- "that time of the month" could become an actual "massacre at the Y".

It's unlikely that we're going to get women to stop menstruating, but there is an easy answer -- just keep that pesky sperm away from those slutty eggs!

This could be managed with a new law which would assure that Colorado women don't become felons, and Colorado men don't become accessories to a felony. The law would state:
  1. Every fertile woman residing in the state of Colorado shall, by order of the state, become a lesbian.
There. All fixed!

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