Sounds Like Quite a Party!

Via Memeorandum, I find this item about Chris Matthews waxing candid about the Bush administration at Hardball's 10th anniversary party last night. Reportedly, he claimed the Bush administration has put pressure on his bosses to "silence" him, exclaimed "They've finally been caught in their criminality!" without referring to anything specific, and launched an arrow over Cheney's bow as well: "God help us if we had Cheney during the Cuban missile crisis. We’d all be under a parking lot."

No word on whether he punctuated that with "HA!" although I'd bet cash money that he did.

I'll also bet that the anonymous party attendee who huffily sniffed in response, "I find it hard to believe that Republican candidates will feel as if they're being given a fair shot at Tuesday's debate [being co-moderated by Matthews] given the partisan pot-shots lobbed by Matthews this evening," is a total dunderhead, and I'll go on record now saying that any conservative who picks up that "concern" is likewise a total dunderhead, evidently incapable of discerning that Matthews, who gushes about how Republican candidate Fred Thompson smells, clearly draws distinctions between "the Bush administration" and "every Republican in America."


The real show-stopper for me in the article was this bit:

On a side note: Matthews was overheard discussing his Tuesday appearance on "The Daily Show," which featured a heated exchange with host Jon Stewart. According to one source, Matthews was steadfast in his belief that the debate left Stewart crestfallen, and Matthews victorious.
Zuh?! Let's go to the tape!

Nope. Stewart pretty much made Matthews look like a crazy-assed authoritarian nutbag.

Somebody's well and truly lost the plot, and for the Chris Matthewses among us, here's a hint about who it is: It's Chris Matthews.

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