Shakesville Makes a List

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A bunch of people have emailed me about this Carnegie Mellon School of Computer Science study that ranked the Top 100 blogs based on the question: Which blogs should one read to be most up to date, i.e., to quickly know about important stories that propagate over the blogosphere?

We came in 37th out of the top 100.

How awesome you find this news to be is, I guess, dependent on how important you think it is for people to be up on what the blogosphere is talking about—which is, let's face it, often a lot a shit, but sometimes the most serious issues we collectively face.

It also really says nothing about the qualities of the content at any given blog (good info? bad info? good writing? bad writing? lots of writing? just a link?), and it's not particularly safe to presume that highly-linked blogs are so because they are the most factual and best written. Sometimes that's true (Atrios), but not always (Malkin).

So what's ultimately being measured here seems to be compulsive blogitude, combined with breadth of interest. In other words: Who's the biggest magpie?

To which I have only to say: Caw! and Ooh—something shiny!

The full list of the Top 100 is below.

1. Instapundit
2. Don Surber
3. Science & Politics
4. Watcher of Weasesls
5. Michelle Malkin
6. National Journal's Blogometer
7. The Modulator
9. Boing Boing
10. Atrios
11. A Blog for All
12. Gothamist
13. mparent777
14. TFS Magnum
15. Alliance of Free Blogs
17. Micropersuasion
18. Pajamas Media
19. BlogHer
20. The Jawa Report
21. Reddit
22. Soccer Dad
23. Nose on Your Face
24. aHistorically
25. The Anchoress
26. AmericaBlog
27. SFist
28. TBogg
29. HorsePigCow
30. Why Homeschool
31. The Daou Report
32. Sisu
33. MetaFilter
34. Megite
35. LAist
36. Captain's Quarters
37. Shakesville
38. Guy Kawasaki
39. Lucy by Lucy
40. Blue Star Chronicle
41. Official Google Blog
42. The Glittering Eye
44. Read/WriteWeb
45. Hullabaloo
46. The Conservative Cat
47. Phillyist
48. The Social Customer Manifesto
49. The Next Net
50. Gateway Pundit
51. Crooks and Liars
52. Right Wing News
53. 10,000 Birds
54. O'Reilly Radar
55. Cowboy Blog
56. Business Opportunities Weblog
57. DCist
58. Creating Passionate Users
59. Citizens For Legitimate Government
60. What About Clients?
61. Rough Type
62. The Unofficial Apple Weblog
63. Dans la cuisine d'Audinette
64. The London Fog
65. Bostonist
66. Seattlest
67. Austinist
68. Indian Writing
69. Power Line
70. Firedoglake
71. Blog d'Elisson
72. Rhymes With Right
73. Written World
74. The Jeff Pulver Blog
75. blog d'eMeRY
76. Hugh MacLeod's gapingvoid
77. Catymology
78. Hugh Hewitt
79. Lifehacker
81. Econbrowser
82. A Socialite's Life
83. Gates of Vienna
86. A Life Restarted
87. The Volokh Conspiracy
88. See Also...
89. Dr. Sanity
90. Mudville Gazette
92. Privacy Digest
93. Londonist
94. Shanghaiist
95. Catholic and Enjoying It
96. Single Serve Coffee
97. Jeremy Zawodny's blog
98. ScienceBlogs
99. Basic Thinking Blog
100. Scobleizer

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