Research, Bitchez!

A Vatican official has been suspended after he was totally busted on hidden camera hitting on some guy and telling him that gay sex is, like, no biggie, dude. But it was just part of his research!

In an interview published Sunday, Monsignor Tommaso Stenico told La Repubblica daily he frequented online gay chat rooms and met with gay men as part of his work as a psychoanalyst. He said that he pretended to be gay in order to gather information about "those who damage the image of the Church with homosexual activity."

…"It's all false; it was a trap. I was a victim of my own attempts to contribute to cleaning up the church with my psychoanalyst work," La Repubblica quoted Stenico as saying.
Uh-huh. That makes perfect sense. Obviously Monsignor Stenico has attended the Miss Peter LaBarbera School of Totally Not Gay Detectives.

Stenico said he had met with the young man and pretended to talk about homosexuality "to better understand this mysterious and faraway world which, by the fault of a few people — among them some priests — is doing so much harm to the church," La Repubblica quoted him as saying.
Ooh, the mysterious and faraway world of Teh Gay! If only Monsignor Stenico's work hadn't been brutally cut short by the unimaginative and unsympathetic Vatican who fail to recognize his genius, he would have finished his spaceship and made his gay-detecting psychoanalyst odyssey to Planet Limpwrist.

But now that the Vatican has suspended him just because he was caught on film "making advances to a young man and asserting that gay sex was not sinful" in his Vatican office and the video was aired on an Italian television program about gay priests, he'll probably never get to go one-on-one with the Sod Squad.

And then where will the church be, hmm? Still being "harmed" by gay priests, I guess!

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