Randi Rhodes Attacked and Hospitalized

UPDATE 2: The official Air America statement notes that "the reports of a presumed hate crime are unfounded."

UPDATE: There is still precious little information available about what happened, but Memeorandum has a thread going now. A story in the Miami Herald doesn't offer any more insight, either, although it does note she's now recovering at home. I'll update the post again if I can find any more info...


The details are extremely sketchy, but it seems as though she was walking her dog when she was assaulted. Avedon reports what she heard on the John Elliot show:

[R]ight now I'm listening to John Elliot and he says Randi was attacked last night while she was walking her dog. She wasn't carrying a bag and was just in sweats, and she was beaten up pretty badly and had some teeth knocked out. Elliot is saying it sounds like it was neither a sexual assault nor a robbery and he suspects it was political. The way things are going, he could be right.
I would, of course, caution anyone to jump to any conclusions, good or bad, at this point. There are potentially a lot of reasons to withhold information that would speak definitively to a sexual assault or a robbery or political retribution, so what it sounds like at this point doesn't necessarily in any way reflect what it actually is.

Right now, I just want to wish Randi a speedy recovery.

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