Question of the Day

What's your favorite film score?

I'm talking score here, not soundtrack. (So don't say The Big Chill, or I'll smack you!) I'm a huge fan of film music; usually when I write a review of a film, I'll be as likely to mention the score as I will any other aspect of the film. I'm a firm believer that in film, the music is as important as the performances, script or direction. The Soundtrack Collector website gives me heart palpitations.

As most people know, I'm an absolute sucker for anything Danny Elfman writes (so I won't cop out and say "The Nighmare Before Christmas! No, wait! Beetlejuice! No, wait! Pee-Wee's Big Adventure! No... Everything by Danny Elfman! Aiiieeeee!!"), but there are other films that stand out to me as well. I think the Mark Shaiman scores for the Addams Family films were absolutely perfect; humorous and true to the nature of the original material, and at the same time, gorgeous and beautifully orchestrated stand-alone music. However, I do have a special place in my heart for the soundtrack to Soapdish. When I heard the first few seconds of "Mambo Glamoroso" during the opening credits, I knew I'd be stopping at the record store as soon as I left the theater.

Plus, that movie ROCKS.
Celeste Talbert: David! David! David, David, David, David, David!
David Barnes: Hey, great scene with Bolt.
Celeste Talbert: I realize I'm not a young woman; however...
David Barnes: What do you mean, you're not...
Celeste Talbert: ...could you PLEASE point out to our new costume designer, whose name I don't quite have yet...
Tawny Miller: Tawny Miller, Miss Talbert.
Celeste Talbert: How do you do.
[to David]
Celeste Talbert: - that I don't feel quite right in a turban. What I feel like is GLORIA FUCKING SWANSON! What am I, 70, David? Am I 70? Why don't you just put me in a walker? Buy a goddamn walker and put me in it!
David Barnes: [to Tawny] You're fired.
Tawny Miller: Oh God.
David Barnes: I'm just kidding.
[into PA system]
David Barnes: Attention: no turbans for Miss Talbert!
And you?

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