A shameful admission from a professed story writer: The idea of actually reading novels and short stories, most of the time, bores me. There, I said it. Most (again, most) modern fiction does not interest me, and hasn't for years. It's not me, it's them. Lately, I can hardly get past even the jacket blurbs; it's like driving across the Plains, the monotony. One book or collection sounds so much like the last, or the next. I find myself in general agreement with Stephen King's stance on the American short story. Agreeing with King annoys me on a bone-deep level, and for reasons you needn't hear today.

Anyway: I know that there are indeed unread present-day fiction writers I whose work would make me feel differently. I will continue (a bit grudgingly, maybe) to seek them out. It's just a fact, however, that more often than not I've had better luck - obtained greater transportive pleasure, which is all I really care about when it comes to reading - with the books in the other aisle, the nonfiction stuff.

All of that is by way of saying that The Morning News has a piece up on new and interesting nonfiction that you might consider for your personal library should you happen to have one, as I imagine is the case for most of you.

(Oops, forgot - cross-posted. There, all better now.)

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