John McCain: Some of My Best Friends Are Mormons

Sen. John McCain seems to have forgotten one of the oldest adages in politics: if you find yourself in a hole, stop digging.

At a meeting with the Spartanburg Herald-Journal editorial board, McCain was asked whether Mormons are Christians — a serious issue with many evangelicals, and a potential pitfall for Mitt Romney.

"I don't know. I respect their faith. I've never frankly looked at the Mormon religion. I've known a lot of Mormons who are wonderful people," McCain said. "More importantly, I don't think it should be held against Gov. Romney. The fact that he's a Mormon should not be a factor in people's judgment."
Okay, he's converting from Episcopalian to Baptist...but holding off the full-immersion baptism during the campaign because it might seem like he's doing it for political reasons. (Perish the thought.) He's asserted that the Constitution made the United States a Christian nation, and now he's not sure that the Mormons are Christians. Those last two points just happen to be the pillars of the Religious Reich's manifesto.

Well, if he insists on digging, it makes you wonder how much more sucking up to the fundies can Senator McCain do before the Iowa caucuses. What's next; burn a Quaker at the stake and beat up a queer?

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