From the You've Got to Be Shitting Me Files

Brad Blog:

Unbelievably, the Chief of the Voting Section of the Civil Rights Division, U.S. Department of Justice, John Tanner, contends that while it's "a shame" that elderly voters may be disenfranchised by new Photo ID restrictions at the polls because many don't have driver's licenses, minorities don't have to worry quite as much. Why? Because "minorities don't become elderly the way white people do. They die first."
Just to be clear, in case your mind can't quite compute what you've just read, that was the Chief of the Voting Section of the Civil Rights Division of the Department of Justice saying not only that disenfranchising elderly voters is a shame and wev to that, but also that minorities don't have to worry their brown little heads about it because, with the Bush administration doing everything it can to ensure that a combination of poverty, lower access to the healthiest, freshest foods, lack of healthcare, and violence lowers minorities' life expectancies, they'll probably be dead, anyhow.

To borrow a phrase from Shark-fu... Blink.

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