Donahue's NewTatt

I've pondered for a while, now, about the connection between the Fetch-Me-The-Smelling-Salts Gene and the Prurient Interest Chromosome.

When Bill Donahue got the vapors about the Folsom Street Fair's parody of Leonardo DaVinci's "Last Supper", and encouraged good, God-fearing people to boycott Miller Beer because they were sponsoring "this obscene event", little did he know the contribution he would make to my research.

You see, Donahue's "Catholic League" was not satisfied with simply describing the horror of of the "sick behaviors" of this depraved event -- they also needed to post 43 pictures, on three pages of their website (which I will not link to here) -- so that Miller Brewing (now dubbed "S & M Brewing" by Donahue) can see just precisely how depraved it is.

Forty-three pictures, on three pages, of the most graphic (NSFW), sexy detailed (NSFW) pictures they could find about this horrible, awful event.

Because that's What Jesus Would Do.

These Upstanding Christians[tm] (God bless 'em for protecting us!) also made sure that they sent links to these pictures to the "all-male committee" at Miller and to the world, along with these clear instructions: "In the outside chance you are not disturbed by these photos, please show them to your mother, wife and daughters."

While Donahue has contributed in a very serious way to my "Scratch a Prude, Sniff a Perv" theories (for which I guess I should be thankful somehow) -- JEEBUS KRUSTEAZE IN FREAKIN' CROSS-TIES ALREADY!!

Regardless of what you think or feel about BDSM -- can you imagine what a wank-wank-wankity fest Donahue has awarded to nice "Christian" people who can go to that site and, as they are feeling all outraged and overcome and collapsing onto their chaises, saying "Oh! The Perverts! Oh no!" -- they will soon be moving on to: "Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh Dear God! Oh! Oh! Ooooooooohhhhhh!"?

And just in case the irony is not stinging enough for you (yes, I admit it's getting more and more difficult to discern irony these days, since it seems to be everywhere ) -- consider this: They're protesting openly gay and queer-positive people's parody of a closeted gay artist whose closeted status was a direct result of Catholic suppression -- a piece of art that's been parodied a non-nillion other times (check out Incertus' brilliant compilation of "Last Supper" gags) ---- and they do it by making a public display of queer-positive art by a queer-positive artist.

By the way -- that new tattoo? Billy probably got it while he was at the Folsom Street Fair, snapping pictures of the ---- ewwwwww! ----- perverts.

For the edification of the Christian faith, of course.

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