Pretty Little Freak

Okay, so this is about as self-indulgent as it gets, but Melissa's post on Britney Spears got me to thinking about a song I wrote five or six years ago. I don't often write lyrics (or poetry of any kind--just not my cuppa), but I've always sort of liked this. And it's a rainy Tuesday, and I'm feeling self-indulgent, so...

Anyway, the damage is below the fold.

You're a pretty little freak
In your heroin chic
Using simple starvation
Like your only salvation
Coverin' all the magazines
In your tiny blue jeans, babe
Tell me do you think it's your fault
This slow death
Wastin away after every breath
Somebody oughtta help find your way out of this place
Winner of the human race

It's so perfect and nice
In your paradise
Answering the interviews
Like you think they want you to
Waiting for your big scene
Stuck inside the small screen, yeah
Tell me do you think you look great
With clear skin
Showing the skull behind every grin
And no one ever thinks to ask if you want to go home
Especially now you're full grown

Every day is so sweet
And completely complete
Thinking you're the girl next door
Snortin' up the night before
Here for everyone to see
Someone else's fantasy, yeah
Tell me do you know who's in charge of your pain
'Cause there's never a cloud and there's always rain
And I really love to reach you, but I wouldn't know where to begin
Your fan club wouldn't let me in

You never sleep at night
Just hold your latest boyfriend close and tight
Maybe you're scared
Of whatever you'd dream
Since nobody would wake you--
You've forgotten how to scream

You're a pretty little freak
Always acting so meek
Deep inside you're marking time
Watchin' who'll be next in line
All the little girls do
Everything you show 'em to, yeah
Tell me do you think it's your fault
This whole mess
A zombie stuck in every skin-tight dress
Maybe if you wear your smile it'll all disappear
Mannequins have nothing to fear...

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