How Odd!

Part whatevthefuck in an ongoing series…

Reuters continues to find the most splendidly quirky oddities in the exploitation of women's bodies, disproportionate distributions of parenting, and women who can most quickly make a better life for themselves and their families by getting knocked up.

"Hey, big boy! Any interest?" is about Nigerian banks using attractive women to persuade customers to open accounts, but the Senate president who wants the practice to stop isn't questioning the banks so much as wondering why it is "that all these girls are now moving around hustling as if they are looking for something other than money?"

"Revealing photos are becoming passé?" is about how we've come such a long way since 1984 when Vanessa Williams was forced to return her Miss America crown after nude photos of her surfaced. As evidence, Disney merely threatened to fire, but instead just publicly shamed (a story which itself was filed under Odd News), 18-year-old High School Musical star Vanessa Hudgens—a decision which I'm sure has nothing to do with the massive publicity the movie will get from her leaked nude pics. It's totally our changing cultural attitudes, not about the discovery that second-hand attention from public leaks of women's once-private nudity is a great moneymaker.

"Daddy exam quizzes men on potties, parenting" is about a test being offered by a non-profit parenting organization in Japan trying to get men interested in their own children by asking them searing questions about parenting like "Who played the father in the movie Kramer versus Kramer?"

"Skip work, make babies, governor says" is about the governor of a central Russian province who urged couples to skip work yesterday and fuck like bunnies to help boost Russia's low birth-rate. Women who give birth in 9 months are promised a chance at prizes they might have an extremely difficult time procuring on their own by working full-time in the struggling economy.

How very, very odd! Tee hee!

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