ZOMG: What's the world coming to?

Senate Passes Children’s Health Bill, 68-31:

The Senate defied President Bush on Thursday and passed a bipartisan bill that would provide health insurance for millions of children in low-income families.

The vote was 68 to 31. The majority was more than enough to overcome the veto repeatedly threatened by Mr. Bush. The White House said the bill “goes too far in federalizing health care.”

…The House passed a much larger bill on Wednesday, presenting negotiators with a formidable challenge in trying to work out differences between the two measures.

Still, the strong commitment to the issue by Democratic leaders virtually guarantees that they can work out a compromise before Sept. 30, when the program is set to expire.
A compromise which will nonetheless still likely provoke a veto from Bush, because that's what compassionate conservatism is all about—denying healthcare to children.

Drum suggests that screaming "socialized medicine" and letting that kill bills like this one has seen its day, and it "just isn't going to do the trick this time. It looks like the Senate has enough votes to stop a filibuster and override a veto, and it's possible that a moderate bill will pick up enough House support to override a veto as well." Awesome.

Drum adds: "Alternatively, George Bush might come to his senses and realize that compassionate conservatives aren't supposed to veto legislation that helps poor kids get better healthcare."

That option, however, is predicated on George Bush having sense, which I believe is best described as a fact not in evidence.

So let's hope for the numbers when it comes down to a vote.

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