Spider Man: Does Whatever A Gecko Can

Imagine going to a Halloween party and you see someone in a Spidey-Suit. No big deal, right? I mean, it's relatively topical with all the movies and such. After a couple of hours, you notice that Spider Guest is actually crawling on the walls and ceiling.

While it is possible you hit too much of the spiked sauce, a recent study has come up with ideas on how to make the Spidey-Suit a reality:
A "Spider-man" suit that enables its wearer to scale vertical walls like the comic and movie superhero could one day be a reality, according to a study.

Natural technology used by spiders and geckos could help a human climb the side of a building or hang upside down from a roof, the analysis suggests.
The article goes on to talk about possible applications for a super-adhesive suit, like window cleaning on skyscrapers, etc. I know I'm opening up a hornet's nest with this one, but here goes:

How would you use your Spidey-Suit?

(P.S. I know the theme is running through your head now, so get your fix below the fold.)

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