More Wiretapping Bill: The Dems Needed a Vacation, People!

[Details of the bill here; blogosphere reaction here.]

The more I read about this clusterfuck, the more and more fucking pissed off I get.

The bill went through Congress over the weekend after heavy pressure from the Bush administration, which demanded that lawmakers remain in session until it passed.

Congress responded by approving the revisions for six months.
Oh, well, that makes it all okay then! I didn't realize that the Democrats were going to be given detention if they didn't do what the principal wanted!

I mean, you've got to be fucking kidding me with this shit. The Democrats won back the majority in November in no small part because of this very issue and their promises to check the goddamned out of control Bush administration. And at the first chance that they might miss a fucking day of their precious fucking holiday, they cave. They cave! To a lame duck with a 30% approval rating! What. the. fuck?!

The ACLU says the administration's proposals would effectively "gut" FISA. And Rep. Rahm Emanuel, the third most powerful Democrat in the House, said lawmakers "are not going to leave Alberto Gonzales as the gatekeeper on American civil liberties."

"That's the fundamental problem, and we're going to fix it when we come back," Emanuel told reporters Sunday.

"We had to do it. We did what we needed to do. The Democrats are united in fixing this flawed law."
Oh, blow it out your ass, Rahm. Why weren't the Democrats united in defeating the bill in the first place?! It's not like there were just a couple of rogue votes—41 Democratic Representatives and 16 Democratic Senators voted for the bill. That's bloody shameful. It's completely gut-wrenching to see that there are so many members of "the opposition" who have no fucking problem handing oversight of spying on American citizens to Alberto Gonzales and conferring even more unilateral power on the corrupt, untruthworthy, and profoundly undeserving Bush administration.

It was bad enough when the Dems were only failing to hold this administration accountable for its abuses of power. To see them transferring more power to them at this point is truly unbelievable.

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