Breaking News! Attorney General Still a Fucking Liar

FBI Director's Notes Contradict Gonzales's Version Of Ashcroft Visit:

Then-Attorney General John D. Ashcroft was "feeble," "barely articulate" and "stressed" moments after a hospital room confrontation in March 2004 with Alberto R. Gonzales, who wanted Ashcroft to approve a warrantless wiretapping program over Justice Department objections, according to notes from FBI Director Robert S. Mueller III that were released yesterday.

One of Mueller's entries in five pages of a daily log pertaining to the dispute also indicated that Ashcroft's deputy was so concerned about undue pressure by Gonzales and other White House aides for the attorney general to back the wiretapping program that the deputy asked Mueller to bar anyone other than relatives from later entering Ashcroft's hospital room.
Does this story not tell us just about everything we need to know about the Bush administration? They were so insistent on subverting the law as fast as possible that they had to bother a "feeble, barely articulate, stressed" man in his hospital bed to the point they were banned from his room. And not just any man, but one of their colleagues, about whom you'd think they'd give a bit of a shit. But…no.

Anyway, back to how Gonzo's a fucking liar:

Mueller's description of Ashcroft's physical condition that night contrasts with testimony last month from Gonzales, who told the Senate Judiciary Committee that Ashcroft was "lucid" and "did most of the talking" during the brief visit. It also confirms an account of the episode by former deputy attorney general James B. Comey, who said Ashcroft told the two men he was not well enough to make decisions in the hospital.

…"We never had any intent to ask anything of him if we did not feel that he was competent," Gonzales testified, adding later: "Mr. Ashcroft talked about the legal issues in a lucid form, as I've heard him talk about legal issues in the White House."
Jesus. I mean, he's not just a little liar, either. Dude slings whoppers like they're going out of style.

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