Give Me a Break: Gonzo Edition

The WaPo has a big cover story today about Gonzo and how he's a useless gobshite whose recent testimony has been about as helpful to the Bush administration as an extra anchor on the Titanic. There's really nothing left I could possibly say about the lying sack of crap who steadfastly continues to occupy at the president's pleasure the highest law enforcement office in the nation, but I did just want to make a passing comment on this bit of the story, seven paragraphs in:

Whether Gonzales has deliberately told untruths or is merely hampered by his memory has been the subject of intense debate among members of Congress, legal scholars and others who have watched him over the years. Some regard his verbal difficulties as a strategic ploy on behalf of a president to whom he owes his career; others see a public official overwhelmed by the magnitude of his responsibilities.
Now, I know there are professional administration fluffers who say that Gonzo is just a poor wee victim of a faulty memory, but is the WaPo honestly asserting that there are people who genuinely believe that horseshit? Because there aren't. There are those who say it because they're mendacious scumbags who don't care a whit for the truth and there are those of us who think they're soulless, intellectually and ethically bankrupt idiots, but no one actually exists who sincerely believes that Gonzo just plumb can't remember what happened back when the administration was plotting this travesty of justice or that one, aw shucks.

Even people who might earnestly believe that Gonzo is "overwhelmed by the magnitude of his responsibilities" don't think he's got a bad memory; they think he's a patent moron who's too dumb to cover his tracks with credible lies.

But no one thinks he's just a hopeless fool, a victim of cronified circumstance, who would otherwise, given the right job requirements for his facilities, have been a good boy who never faltered from the straight and narrow.

Does the WaPo really not know that?

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