So I Thought She Could Dance

[WARNING: Spoilers ahead for anyone who might have last night's SYTYCD TiVoed and doesn't want to know who got the boot. If you don't know what SYTYCD is, trust me, you don't have it TiVoed.]

Okay, where are my So You Think You Can Dancers? We need to talk.

First, the Girls: What the hell happened last night? Jessi was one of my favorite girls; in fact, I think she was a favorite of lots of people. Could the judges (Cat: YER JIDJIZ!) not have given one fucking second of explanation as to why she was being kicked off the show? Mr. Shakes and I were seriously pissed.

Second, the Boys: Last week, when they didn't kick off Cedric, I grumbled to Mr. Shakes: "Just watch. Next week, they'll draw contemporary, where shitty partnering isn't so noticable, and he'll flail his way through it, not hit the bottom three, and cause one more deserving guy to get kicked off." Did I call it or what? The only thing I didn't correctly predict was that he'd be given the opportunity to give a heart-wrenching, vote-pulling speech for five bloody minutes, too! Gah!

I loved it when Danny just broke into hysterical laughter that he and Anya were in the bottom three, but Cedric and Shauna were safe. That pretty much summed it up.

Anyway, I'm going to miss Jessi, who I just adored and looked for all the world like a young Katherine Hepburn. Here's Pasha's and Jessi's jazz number from last week.

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