That's the Way to Do It

I've soured on my support for John Edwards recently for a few reasons. *ahem* But, I really do have to say, if he keeps making proposals like this one, he just might win back my vote:

Edwards Calls for New Cabinet Post to Fight Poverty
MANCHESTER, N.H. (AP) -- Democratic presidential hopeful John Edwards on Thursday outlined his plan to tackle global poverty that calls for educating 23 million children in poor countries and creating a Cabinet-level position to oversee other initiatives.

Seeking to link poverty in other countries to U.S. national security, Edwards argued that militant extremists in nations torn apart by poverty and civil war have replaced government educational systems and are teaching young people to hate the United States.

"When you understand that, it suddenly becomes clear: global poverty is not just a moral issue for the United States -- it is a national security issue for the United States," he said at Saint Anselm College.

"If we tackle it, we have the chance to change a generation of potential extremists and enemies into a generation of friends," Edwards said.
HELL YES. Just think of that. A Cabinet post that specifically works on poverty issues.

And another thing... why the hell don't we have one already?

I'm loving that this is being framed as a national security issue. Because, well, it is a national security issue. Poverty and desperation lead to terrorism; not simple George Bush bullshit like "hating freedom." As Michael Moore once said, "Will we ever get to the point that we realize we will be more secure when the rest of the world isn’t living in poverty so we can have nice running shoes?"

Now, I hope that the person that holds this post will not be concentrating solely on global poverty. Great idea, but we have plenty of people suffering from poverty right here at home. Still, seeing a Presidential candidate give this much attention to a difficult, unpopular issue like poverty is heartening. I say, if Edwards doesn't get the nomination, we demand that any Dem running for President makes this plan part of their platform.

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