intellectual abstinence

“I consider abstinence-only education child abuse” ~Jocelyn Elders, former US Surgeon General

When it comes to sex, intellectual-abstinence is what some people want to teach children. See Keith Deltano, "Christian comedian", for example (emphasis mine):

Christian comedian Keith Deltano used fear, shame and misinformation to spread his message about abstinence to students at three high schools in Loudoun County this school year, according to a critique by an organization that advocates comprehensive sex education.

The group reviewed Deltano's February performance at Dominion High School in Sterling. Its findings were shared Friday night at an event at George Washington University in Ashburn organized by Mainstream Loudoun and some churches.


The critique of Deltano's performance at Dominion High was conducted by the Sexuality Information and Education Council of the United States. It included criticism of his decision to demonstrate the ineffectiveness of condoms against HIV by dangling a cinderblock over a male student's genital area. The group said the drill gave a message of fear and shame and misrepresented statistics about condom failure.

Overall, the critique said, "the presentation falls far short of helping young people develop the skills and knowledge they need to become sexually healthy adults."
Damn straight it "falls far short", as does any program that uses fear, shame, or misinformation. Which, by and large, most abstinence-only programs do as they are mostly based on religious ideals that treat sex as something dirty, to be feared, and shameful (until one is married, then that magic ring makes it all glorious and STD-free!).

Sex is none of those things. Sex does require a degree of responsibility for oneself and partner with regards to health issues and birth control, which is what young people need to be taught. The abstinence-only nonsense is reprehensible--not providing children/teens with all the information they need with regards to sex and safety is akin to child abuse, frankly. It is deliberately leaving kids ignorant and/or misinformed about situations related to their health (physical and emotional).

These abstinence-only "educators" should be the ones who feel shame.

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