Indiana Marriage Amendment

The homobigot assholes in my home state have been trying to pass an amendment banning same-sex marriage for, like, ever now, and it's one of the totally heinous ones that would undermine domestic violence laws and all sorts of shit. On the same day that a civil union bill passed a House committee in Illinois, a House committee in Indiana heard testimony, from activists, business leaders, elected officials, constitutional scholars, and domestic violence advocates, and decided not to vote on the Marriage Discrimination Amendment today. They're gonna…think about it. Argh.

(If you're a Hoosier who wants to contact the committee and tell them to never vote on it, email me and I'll get you the info.)

Meanwhile, Bil Browning reports: "At last night's Indiana Family Institute dinner, Colts coach Tony Dungy announced his support of SJR-7 and his belief in the superiority of heterosexual marriage. … I'd like a refund on my portion of the taxes that's going to build the Colts that new stadium."

Yeah—me, too. Bil's got more here.

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