Baked Jesus

Last month it was Mary on a pizza pan, and now Jesus is making an appearance on a baking sheet:

The Lord is said to work in mysterious ways — and for Aaron Frazer, the mystery intensified seven days ago while he was roasting peppers at his own work at Cowboy Coffee on Victoria Street.

It was then — last Friday around noon — that the 28-year-old cook first witnessed what he claims is a relief of Jesus Christ, etched out roughly on a baking sheet by the burnt run-off from roasting red peppers.

I like people who save me the work of making captions.

And at least he's honest about his motives.

Spurred by the tale of a Florida woman who four years ago sold for $28,000 a half-eaten grilled cheese sandwich that had (apparently) the face of the Virgin Mary burnt into it, Frazer got to believing he could turn his own little miracle into a small fortune.

Shortly after the discovery, Frazer had the baking sheet posted for sale on eBay, where he is hoping it will pocket him a sizeable purse.

…“I haven’t checked it recently, but the last time I did there was one hit and it was from Kyle (his co-worker),” Frazer said, adding his boss has been supportive of his ambitions.

“[I’m hoping] for as much as possible and maybe a movie deal.”
He might want to shoot a little lower, considering Baked Jesus has zero bids so far.

Holy folks Gone Wild on pizza pans, doggy doors, ice, peanuts, x-rays, turtles, ultrasounds, chocolate, dying plants, sheet metal, trees, more trees, more trees, more trees, more trees, wardrobes, water stains, grilled cheese sandwiches, potato chips, plates of pasta, drywall, fish, and more fish. H/T Spin Dentist.

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