Wanted: manuscript submissions

Details: book is for children; must go against the scientific community; will give extra attention for ragging on how evil liberals are

No, really. In an email press release (not currently on their site), World Ahead Publishing is looking for just that. These are the people of the Help Mom! There Are Liberals Under My Bed. Here is what they say (emphasis mine):
Los Angeles, CA (Feb. 2, 2007) -- Following the announcement that Scholastic will publish a children’s book on global warming written by a liberal film maker, the conservative imprint World Ahead Publishing is extending an open call for manuscripts that will present children with a more balanced point-of-view on the controversial topic.

Earlier this week, Scholastic announced the acquisition of “The Down-to-Earth Guide to Global Warming,” a book the company bills as “the comprehensive resource young readers can look to for understanding why global warming happens and how we can work together to stop it.” The book is co-authored by Laurie David, the wife of comedian Larry David and the producer of Al Gore’s global warming documentary “An Inconvenient Truth.” It is scheduled for nationwide release in September.

David’s book comes on the heels of another global-warming-for-kids book published last year by the United Nations Environment Program. Entitled “Tore and the Town on Thin Ice,” the illustrated story features an Eskimo child who talks with the goddess Sedna, the self-proclaimed Mother of the Sea, who solicits the boy’s help to combat the global use of fossil fuels.

“Since Scholastic and the UN are publishing kid’s books that represent the liberal view on global warming, we’d like to give concerned parents an alternative,” says Eric M. Jackson, president of World Ahead Media. “Our company is calling on writers of children’s books to pick up their pens to support intellectual diversity. We’re inviting scientists, professionals and the public at large to submit thoughtful, well-documented manuscripts that present a balanced perspective on climate change.”

Jackson points out that recent studies by authors such as Fred Singer and Dennis Avery suggest that presently uncontrollable solar activity could be the source of rising temperatures on earth. If that is the case, then regulations to reduce fossil fuel consumption—a tactic generally advocated by liberals—might not only fail to stop global warming, but could also damage economic growth. This, in turn, could kill millions of people by making the third world more vulnerable to poverty and disease. Unfortunately this kind of nuanced, logical thinking, Jackson asserts, is seldom present in books written by liberal authors.

Oh that's not all. Jackson also has this to say:
“While some publishers like Scholastic are willing to market politically themed books directly at kids, we will limit the marketing of this book to parents,” adds Jackson. “World Ahead believes that parents should be the ones deciding how to present topics like this to their kids. And this book is for those parents who believe not just that the perspectives of Al Gore and Sedna the sea goddess aren't necessarily true, but that the issue has become totally agenda-driven.”
That's right. This guy is actually pissing on Scholastic for marketing "politically themed books" at kids. Um, one...hello the Help Mom! series? Two...global warming is a political theme? Only to conservatives.

If you would like to submit a manuscript (ha ha), email: climatebook@worldahead.com Here are the actual specs:
During the month of February 2007, World Ahead will accept proposals for manuscripts on the topic of global warming intended for children aged 6-10. Manuscripts should deal honestly with the subject, utilizing provable facts about the nature of our changing world while debunking the fabrications, hysteria and anti-growth agenda propagated by the far left.

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