One of Them


The Right are notoriously forgiving in practice. It doesn't matter if their champion of family values is a lifelong "bachelor" or a divorcee or a compulsive philanderer or all three. It doesn't matter to them if their warrior hero kings are draft-dodgers. It doesn't matter to them if their anti-choice, anti-gay marriage candidate was once pro-choice and pro gay rights and may still be and is lying to them about it. It doesn't matter to them if their "Christian" candidate goes to their church, a church, or even truly believes.

All that matters is that the candidate proves he is one of them.

There are two important steps in becoming one of them. First you have to be able to pay repeated and flattering lip service to them, to their goodness, to their wisdom, to what they believe. The second, and this is the one that makes it impossible for even the most "Christian" Democrat to convince them he is one of them, you have to hate who they hate with the same red hot passion.

The hating is crucial because who they hate is everybody who is not them, and everybody who is not them, is on the side of the devil.
Similar to the thoughts I was having here and here earlier today, except way better and shit. Go read the whole thing; it's good.

UPDATE: Fred Clark's got some similar thoughts, too. I also like "people of good will," btw.

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