Know what's hilarious?

Hitting trannies with axes.

Wednesday night [Jimmy Kimmel] reverted to 5th grade boy behavior while interviewing Rebecca Romijn who plays a transgendered character on Ugly Betty. Kimmel mocked transgendered men and women by showing photos of various transsexuals like Rene Richards. At one point he holds up a photo of Rene and says, "This is a famous one, Rene Richards. Perhaps the most feminine of the group I'm about to show."

Nice. Real nice. Then he holds up a picture of Amanda LePore and some other folks as well. Kimmel then wants to know how the producers of Ugly Betty made the leap from the people he just mocked to someone as feminine as Romijn.

What a twit.

…Later Kimmel reads from a book which he finishes up by joking about someone learning a transgendered person has a penis and reacting by hitting them with an ax. Perhaps Gwen Araujuo's mom should pay Kimmel a visit. Kimmel should be embarrassed talking about transgender issues this way. It's exactly where gay people were thirty years ago and I hope GLAAD and the HRC let him hear about it.

I thought Rebecca Romijn did a good job responding to Kimmel's heinous bullshit. I would have liked to see her point out that a lack of femininity in any woman doesn't justify violence against her, and that heightened femininity shouldn't (and doesn't) act like some sort of magical shield, but considering she probably didn't expect to be faced with such an onslaught of ignorance, she did pretty well. And the important point, which she made quite firmly, was that she wouldn't disrespect her MTF friend by regarding her as anything but a woman.

Unlike the sad sack of shit interviewing her.

[H/T Autumn Sandeen.]

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