High Drudgeon

Drudge is all in a dither trying to promulgate—again—the story that Al Gore isn't really green, a claim predicated on the erroneous presumption that it's easy being green. But, as any singing frog worth his salt will tell you, it isn't easy being green, and it isn't always obvious how big energy-users make themselves green. Gore, for instance, couldn't possibly travel the world giving talks about global warming without using carbon-based fuels, so he buys carbon offsets. It's not the least bit complicated to understand, but it's so much fun to scream about how Gore's a hypocrite.

Or, as August so perfectly put it, Shocking report reveals Al Gore uses electricity, says popular idiot.

The number of times I've now seen some rightwinger or other declaring Gore's energy use "his inconvenient truth"—ho ho ho!—has now got to be approaching triple digits. And aside from the fact that the accusation is patently inaccurate on its bloody face, evidencing yet again the widespread contempt for truth and void of integrity plaguing the rightwing, it's just tiring to see people who vociferously support an administration led by two incredibly wealthy oilmen demand that liberals live like goddamned monks. Gore is a big old hypocrite, just like John Edwards, who has the temerity to be rich while advocating on behalf of the poor, just like John Kerry, who couldn't possibly have cared about real people because he married an extremely wealthy woman, etc.

And it’s the same bullshit about every issue: Gore's and Kerry's voluntary service in Vietnam was questionable, and Gore was only a journalist and Kerry probably shot himself and they both hate the troops squawwwwwk screeeeeeech cawwwww! But Bush's pathetic showing in a service position wrangled by Daddy and Cheney having "other priorities" during the war that warranted his four deferments are unassailable evidence that they're the ones with honor and the guts to protect this country.

On and and on and on ad infinitum. Because it's such a fun game to play, and that's the only thing that matters, besides winning, truth be damned.

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