Ahh, Comedy

Remember how Fox was going to develop a conservative comedy show? And how it was going to be conservatives' answer to The Daily Show? Yeah, well, Think Progress has a leaked clip of it—and it's awesome.

The difference between The Daily Show and the Fox show, Red Eye, can best be illustrated by this scene from The Office, in which the loathsome Todd Packer stops in for a visit, spewing his usual logorrhea of sexist and homophobic "jokes."

Todd Packer? He's Red Eye.

Jim Halpert? He's The Daily Show.

And never the twain shall meet.

I'm not saying Red Eye is sexist and homophobic (although it may be). I'm saying that it's obvious, trite, mean, and unclever. And that if it were a man, it would probably have a micropenis and would definitely give noogies, which it would consider hilarious.

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