Roger Bowman and Debbie Vasquez's dogs Hercules, front, and Max tried their owners' patience so much that the dogs were about to lose their home. When the image appeared on the doggy door, the couple changed their minds.

"I'm probably not going to become a born-again evangelist, but I cannot deny that I think there was a spirit of redemption at work," said Roger Bowman, 41. "I don't know, maybe the dogs will save somebody in our swimming pool one day."
The image, which results from a combination of "dirt, claw marks, and a manufacturer's logo," appeared after Bowman and his fiancée decided to get rid of the dogs because they are "big and rambunctious…bound around like puppies…chew things—furniture, shoes, whatever's handy…[and] scare visitors." Figuring the appearance of a face resembling Western artists' interpretation of a long-dead Middle Easterner was a sign, the couple gave the dogs a reprieve.

This is what happens when amateurs try to interpret signs, who inevitably see Jesus or Mary or some other holy folk. But, quite obviously, the face on their doggy door is not Jesus—it's Kip Winger, who's now head trainer at Junkyard Dog Obedience School in San Bernardino.

"You're headed for a heartbreak…unless you bring those pooches down
to Junkyard Dog so I can teach them to behave. It's time to surrender!"

Via Chris. Holy folks Gone Wild on ice, peanuts, x-rays, turtles, ultrasounds, chocolate, dying plants, sheet metal, trees, more trees, more trees, more trees, more trees, wardrobes, water stains, grilled cheese sandwiches, potato chips, plates of pasta, drywall, fish, and more fish.

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