Rapture Ready and Super Smart

Shaker David found this delightful screed about "sexual perversions" on the Rapture Ready message board and passed it along for our collective amusement. Says David: "One of the words there...doesn't mean what she thinks it means."

I do not believe that homosexuality, bi-sexuality, transexuality, transgender, etc. is anything other than sin. It's not some "mistake" that God made in their creation, it isn't genetic. If it was genetic, other sexual perversions would be also, including pedophilia, beastiality, necromancy, etc. If it was genetic, why would God damn those who suffered from this to hell and call it an abomination? Why damn those who never had a chance anyway?
I have a confession to make, Shakers. I was once…touched…by a necromancer when I was a child. He…he…turned me into a toad!

I think the word for which our dear author was fumbling is "necrophiliac," and the distinction she's missing is "consent."

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