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Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you the Democrats:

Some big name Democrats want to oust DNC Chairman Howard Dean, arguing that his stubborn commitment to the 50-state strategy and his stinginess with funds for House races cost the Democrats several pickup opportunities.

The candidate being floated to replace Dean? Harold Ford.

Says James Carville, one of the anti-Deaniacs, "Suppose Harold Ford became chairman of the DNC? How much more money do you think we could raise? Just think of the difference it could make in one day. Now probably Harold Ford wants to stay in Tennessee. I just appointed myself his campaign manager."
Hoo boy. I was hoping we’d get back on the Loser Train as quickly as possible after that devastating win. Looks like the equilibrium has returned.

Before we start throwing a Democrat to the wolves, perhaps we ought to consider whether those stinking robocalls had anything to do with the lost pickup opportunities. Since, you know, there appears to be an interesting correlation between the extremely close races where Democrat lost and robocalls were a factor.


Apparently the beltway elite is determined to start a war. There is no reason for them to float this other than a purely malicious power play. Dean's strategy at least arguably worked (I would say undisputably) and the party won the fucking election. Why bring out the long knives in the middle of our victory glow? For the establishment to choose this moment to slap the progressive base of this party right in the face by dissing Dean is to alienate their new younger voters (and their future), their internet-based supporters and their activist grassroots all of whom worked their hearts out in this election.

If there is anyone with the party out there reading this, please talk these short sighted retreads out of pursuing this line. The DNC leadership post is a partywide elected position and Dean has the allegiance of the states, so this is nothing more than public masturbation. There's no point in floating this nonsense except to piss people off.
Which we already know that “big name Democrats” are patently capable of doing—indeed, some might call them experts in the Pissing Off field—so perhaps they can put a lid on it for awhile.

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