Penguins Are Good! Except When They're Liberal Penguins!

We'd better find food quickly, or Neil Cavuto will hate us.

Remember when conservatives got all teary-eyed about March of the Penguins, saying it was full of "conservative values," it's a parable of steadfast Christian faith, and it promoted monogamy and all that stuff? Well, there was also this little tidbit:
In part, the movie's appeal to conservatives may lie in its soft-pedaling of topics like evolution and global warming. The filmmakers say they did not consciously avoid those topics - indeed, they say they are strong believers in evolutionary theory - but they add that they wanted to create a film that would reach as many people as possible.

"It's obvious that global warming has an impact on the reproduction of the penguins," Luc Jacquet, the director, told National Geographic Online. "But much of public opinion appears insensitive to the dangers of global warming. We have to find other ways to communicate to people about it, not just lecture them."
Well, we've got Happy Feet now, and guess what? They might just be onto something with that "soft-pedaling global warming" stuff. Apparently, it's not so much what you hear, it's what you don't hear.
The #1 movie in the country, the animated film “Happy Feet,” is “an entertaining story about a young bird’s journey toward self-acceptance.” But to Fox News’ Neil Cavuto it’s insidious “far left” political propaganda.

Cavuto saw the movie with his sons and found it “offensive.” Cavuto objected to the fact that penguins in the movie have trouble finding food because of overfishing and oil drilling. Cavuto called the film “an animated ‘Inconvenient Truth.’ I half expected to see an animated version of Al Gore pop-up.”
Yeah! Because overfishing and oil drilling are made-up liberal "problems" that don't exist! And children should be shielded from this kind of fiction! P.S.- I hate Al Gore.

Carpetbagger points out how conservatives seem to have an ongoing problem with cartoon characters; you're all familiar with the hoopla surrounding Tinky-Winky, Spongebob, and the usual gang of suspected homosexuals. I just find it completely ridiculous that Neil Cavuto actually has the chutzpah to say he was offended by the "far left political propaganda" in what is, let's face it, a silly movie featuring singing, dancing penguins. Come on, practically everyone on the freakin' planet is concerned about overfishing, oil drilling, and global warming, except for Cavuto and his boneheaded ilk. This is hardly "far left" anymore.

It's so... insidious to touch on a global problem in an animated film. We wouldn't want kids to think or learn, would we?

"Insidious." Christ.

(I've got those... ten little tappin' cross-posts...)

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