Lest we forget…

…the other Republican homobigot facing allegations that he’s gay, time to catch up with Florida gubernatorial candidate Charlie Crist! Last week, a 21-year-old GOP staffer alleged that he had had an affair with Crist, and also identified Crist’s alleged long-term partner as Bruce Carlton Jordan, a man currently on probation “after serving a 30-day jail sentence for a conviction on grand theft and forgery charges.” Crist denies that he’s gay, natch, and has spent the last week ratcheting up his opposition to gay adoption and support of the Federal Marriage Amendment. Anyhoo, here’s the update:

Evidence, however, is piling up that he and Jordan, whom the GOP candidate claims not to remember ever having met, had a relationship and that his Republican opponent Tom Gallagher knew about it prior to the September 5 primary vote.

Much of the information surrounding the relationship came, unwittingly and somewhat ironically, from the Harris U.S. Senate campaign, where Jordan worked as the congresswoman's personal travel aide not long after his release from jail in February.

It was while he was employed in that capacity that another traveler on the Harris campaign, Dee Dee Hall, befriended him. In a videotaped statement that I obtained over the weekend, Hall swears that Jordan confided to her that he had an ongoing romantic relationship with Crist.

…"He said that he was involved with Charlie," she says on the tape after she was sworn in by a court reporter. "I was like, 'OK.' He just stated his first name. He said, 'Maybe you've heard of him.' He said Charlie Crist."

…[Jay Vass], who is a registered Republican, said that while he was serving as the pilot for the Harris campaign this summer, he spent many hours with Jordan. He said that during that time, Jordan told him and other Harris staffers that he was dating Crist.

The pilot also said that Jordan and other Harris staffers were matter-of-fact about the relationship and treated as a fact that Crist is gay. … "I couldn't believe they were so open about it," says Vass. "I asked him, 'Aren't you afraid of this coming out?' And Jordan said, 'It will come out sooner or later, and just as long as long as it comes out after the election, I don't care'."
No one can moan about any leftwing conspiracies this time. It’s a GOP staffer and registered Republicans who are spilling the beans about ol’ Charlie. Love that they’re attached to Katherine Harris’ campaign. The GOP must be thrilled to tears about the massive success that debacle has been.

Crist is still leading in the polls at the moment and will likely win election to become Jeb Bush’s successor as Florida’s governor. With this scandal just starting to unfold, it will be popcorn time once he’s in residence at the governor’s mansion, having made his way atop an anti-gay platform, once the whole thing unravels.

(Via Rox.)

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