What if they held a nuclear test and no nukes came?

"Lack of confirmation is not proof of a non-event," warns an unnamed intelligence official. True enough, and yet, and yet...

Sources: NK sample shows no radiation

Two U.S. government officials with access to classified information tell CNN that the initial air sampling over North Korea shows no indication of radioactive debris from the event Monday that North Korea says was an underground nuclear test.

The U.S. Air Force flew a WC-135 Constant Phoenix on Tuesday to collect air samples from the region.

A third official reiterated that at this point "there isn't information to allow confirmation it was a nuclear test."

So, yeah, maybe if NorKor perfectly sealed the test site, or buried the bomb really far underground, that would explain the absence of radiation.

Or maybe there's no radiation because there was no nuke to begin with.

Sometimes a blast that is the equivalent of a thousand tons of TNT is actually caused by...a thousand tons of TNT.

More tests to follow. In the meantime, the sanctions show continues.


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