Stop hitting yourself

So, just watched a bit of the Michael J. Fox interview on the CBS News. It’s worth noting that the Grand Old Party, having well-sated themselves at the trough of megalomaniac villainy with their invasions of privacy, forged wars, constant influx of dirty monies and contempt for the common man so grotesque even Machiavelli would take a step back, have now decided to up the ante by partaking in some well-worn classics of grade school.

To wit: they’re picking on the handicapped kids.

Seriously, what the fuck is this shit? At this point in most novels, a reader would start rolling his or her eyes at the astonishing absurdities in play. It’s not enough that they’re responsible for thousands of deaths, not enough that they’ve eroded our civil liberties to the point where I feel I should ask for permission every time I use the toilet in my own apartment- they’re now so enthralled in their own pitiless mechanisms that they actually think accusing a sufferer of a major illness of “faking” is a well-considered, do-able strategy. What's next, driving by cemeteries and screaming "POSERS!!!" at the graves?

It’s inevitable, really. Too much power, too much ego, the cracks show up sooner or later. But I was amazed, watching Fox speaking clearly and eloquently as every part of his body shook, at how fundamental a mistake Limbaugh has made. No idea if it’ll bear much fruit, but the only way the Republicans could’ve come off worse is if footage surfaced of Dick Cheney’s baby ranch. (C’mon, we all know he’s got one. Crates stacked in endless rows, the constant low cries of the infants, the smart ones holding their breath and hoping, in some dim way they can’t entirely formulate, that the bald bastard with the sharp teeth will pass them by on his next feeding. Too bad for them, he eats the smart ones first.)

I really don’t have anything clever here to say. I guess I’m just still dumb enough to be shocked by some of this crap...

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