Reynolds is Toast

Not Toast. Just toast. Small t. Allegedly, he convinced Foley to run for reelection in spite of knowing about his “overly friendly” emails.

That noted, I’ve also read somewhere (and have now forgotten where) that Foley was considering a Senate run—in the spot now being filled by Katherine Harris. Obviously, he didn’t make that move, so I’m wondering if this report about Reynolds (via Bob Nofacts), as damning as it appears, is actually less damning than a potential alternative—that the GOP promised Foley support in a House reelection bid if only he’d stay out of the Senate race. And then there’s the issue of Foley having given the National Republican Congressional Committee, which Reynolds heads, $100,000 of the campaign funds he’d raised.

(Donating campaign contributions to one’s party, or other candidates in need of cash, is not unusual. A donation as large as $100k is.)

In light of the possibility that Foley bought the continued support of the GOP, who agreed to give it only if he stayed away from the Senate race, a report that Reynolds merely encouraged him to run again may only be a misdirection from an even uglier truth.

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